Running with SAC

Tuesday 7pm to 8pm.
Social run for those who are 12 Years and over.
Steyning AC Clubhouse (June to September).
Steyning Primary School (October to May).

Assistant Coach: Liz Claridge.
Leader in Running Fitness.
Level 2 Fitness Instructor.

Leaders in Running Fitness:Jim Powell, Lois Claridge, Narise Carey, Kay Northcott, Shane Bridgeman, Andy Selman

Social Run for anyone over the age of 12. All abilities welcome, usually a minimum of 3 different paced groups (easy, medium and fast) so they are suitable for all levels from beginners to seasoned runners. There are options at a range of paces, so there is something suitable for all levels from beginners to seasoned runners.

We meet at the Steyning AC Clubhouse during the summer months (May to August, where we get out into the local countryside), and at Steyning Primary School in the winter months (September to April, where we stick to lit areas).

These steady runs for adults happen whilst the Steyning AC Juniors are training separately. We start at 7pm, and are done by 8pm. It is therefore a useful run for parents of our Juniors, as well as anyone who would like to get into running, or just join a social run each week.

Tuesday sessions are social, not competitive, and there are runners of all speeds who attend.

Thursday: 7pm to 8pm.
Steyning AC Clubhouse (Charlton Street).

Coach: Adrian Brown.
L2 Performance Coach, UK Athletics.
L2 Triathlon Coach, British Triathlon.

Suitable for runners of all levels who are looking to improve their times, from 5km to Ultra-Marathon.

Coached outdoor sessions around Steyning and the South Downs. Typically interval training – incorporating speed, resistance and technique.

To get involved, head along to the Steyning AC clubhouse on Charlton Street in your run kit. Wear something light / reflective. Runners are welcome to join us for a few weeks before deciding whether they would like to become members.

Benefits of joining SAC:

  • Members of the West Sussex Fun Run League, with reduced cost entry for members for all 18 races.
  • Members of the Sussex Grand Prix.
  • Club ballot place(s) for London Marathon each year.
  • Club entry to the South Downs Way 100 Mile Relay, invitation only event, each year.

Contact Us for more information.

Why run Intervals?

  • Compared to running at a steady pace, intervals will burn more fat, both during and after your session.
  • Increase your aerobic capacity (VO2 max), which will increase your stamina.
  • You will be able to run faster, for longer.
  • Burn lactic acid more efficiently.
  • Makes your heart stronger and more efficient (more blood per beat).

Why run Hill Reps?

  • Works muscles differently – builds strength in glutes, quads and calves as well as upper body.
  • Improves your running economy (how well your body uses oxygen).

Why run in the cold?

  • The cold turns white fat (insulation) into brown fat (burns calories).
  • Your heart doesn’t have to work so hard – so you can train harder.
  • Optimum temperature for performance gain is 10 or 11 degrees C.

Why run in the rain?

  • Finding secure footing uses more of your coordinating/stabilising muscles, like a trail run.