SAC Juniors (attendees must pre-book via the Juniors WhatsApp Group)

Tuesday: 7pm to 8pm.
October to May we meet at Steyning Primary School hall
June to September Clubhouse on Charlton Street.

We have a number of qualified coaches who are all DBS checked

Roger Flynn.
Level 3 Performance coach
Level 2 events including endurance, jumps and throws.

Malcolm Geal.
Level 2 Performance coach with same events.

Sarah Warren.
Level 2 Performance coach with same events.

Sue Weekes.
Level 2 Performance coach with same events.

Liz Claridge.
Assistant coach and Leader in Running Fitness.

Leaders in Running Fitness are Lois Claridge and Narise Carey.

Get in touch with the Steyning AC Juniors leaders via Contact Us.

Contact details for SAC Welfare Officer are

The juniors take part in general athletic activities including: running (sprinting and endurance), jumping and throwing, they also learn the basic skills of agility, balance and co-ordination (ABC’s). Progression is measured using the England Athletics 365 and Endurance Running award programmes.

The youngest group will be doing general athletic activities – including balancing, ball skills, running, sprinting, jumping and throwing – using the England Athletics 365 system with certificate awards.

The middle group will incorporate more running skills but still within the 365 system.

The 12+ ages will have more defined running coaching which may include road-running and hill-work. They will continue in this group until they are old enough to join an adult session (possibly from age 15).