Joining Steyning AC

Steyning AC club membership runs annually from the date that you first join the club.

Membership renews automatically each year (you will receive reminder notifications that it is about to be renewed a month before the renewal takes place). This automatic renewal process saves significant administration for the volunteer committee members. Should you ever wish to stop the renewal and/or leave the club, please just email

Steyning AC has 4 membership categories (see the adjacent form for pricing):

  • Adult Senior Membership (for those 18 years and over on day of application)
  • Adult Student Membership (18 years and over and in full time education)
  • Junior Membership (7 years to 17 years inclusive)
  • Supporter / Social Membership (any age, does not participate in any of the sporting activities)

On occasions when the Junior category is full, a Junior Waiting List category will be implemented. There is no charge to join the Juniors waiting list. Once your child has joined the Waiting list we will email you as soon as there is space available in the Juniors section and ask you to upgrade and pay for full Juniors membership of the club. Once your child has full Junior membership, they will be able to join the club training sessions.

Please note, if you would also like to become a member of England Athletics, this can be done separately after you have joined Steyning AC by going to the link here.  Note that this link will also be included in your welcome email from Steyning AC.

Additional fees for specific activities will be collected as appropriate throughout the year.

To join the club please complete the adjacent form.

Families or multiple members using one email address

If more than one member of your family is joining (e.g. you and your children), you can use the same email address for each application. However, you will be allocated a unique password for each account. You may change these passwords at anytime, but each password must be unique for the system to be able to distinguish which membership record you are accessing.

Important – passwords

Once you have completed the adjacent form you will be sent an email confirming payment and providing you with a password.  This password is important so please save in a safe place.  Should you wish to change your password you can do so by going to the members sign in page here.