This page contains a list of events that are only available to Steyning AC Members.

The 2020 Multi-Sport Championship (detailed below) has been cancelled due to Covid19 restrictions.

A reverse-ironman virtual series is running as a replacement, consisting of: Mayrathon (4 run routes, total of marathon distance); JuneMan Bike Challenge (4 cycle routes, total of ironman or half-ironman distance); JulyronMan Swims (set of sea swims, total of ironman or half-ironman swim distance).

To register for any of these events, either as a Competitor or a Volunteer, click on the button below.

  • Sat 7th Mar. 9am. Swim 0.4k + Run 3k. Meet at Steyning Pool.

  • Sun 15th Mar. 8am. Run 5k + Bike 11k + Run 3k. Meet at Steyning Leisure Centre.

  • Tue 28th Apr. 6.30pm. Bike 8k. Brighton Excelsior Event (link).

  • Sun 3rd May. 6.30am. Steyning Triathlon. Raw Energy Pursuit event (link).

  • Thu 14th May. 7pm. Run 5k. Meet at SAC Clubhouse.

  • Sun 24th May. 9am. Swim 1.9k or 3.8k. Tribal event (link).

  • Sun 14th Jun. 11am. Run 5k. WSFRL race at Hove Park.

  • Sun 28th Jun. Time TBC. Swim 1k + Run 5k. Meet at Widewater Hut 108.

  • Sun 6th Sept. 11am. Run 8k. WSFRL race at Fittleworth.

  • Sun 20th Sept. Time TBC. Steyning AC Beach Triathlon. Meet at Widewater Hut 108.

The 2020 Multi-Sport Championship is a 10 event competition. Emphasis on having a go and joining in!

Of the 10 events, your 6 best performances are counted.

Highest scoring Male and Female will win the Championship. Prizes will also be awarded for age group winners.

Bonus 10 points if all 10 events completed (plus a special ‘I did them all!’ T shirt).

If not comfortable with all disciplines, you can enter as a Team and share the points.

Points are awarded following attendance and performance at each event. You will get at least 1 point for taking part.

Details will be released as each event date comes up.