Data Policy

A number of members of the Club collect and hold confidential data on members of the Club contained within the privacy policy. Primarily, this is necessary to communicate with the members and for the running of the club. Data includes the membership application form and information thereon, medical records and data held on computers and mobile devices. Parental contact information is held for the juniors under 13 with the consent of the parent/guardian.

It is a principle of collecting and holding data that all persons doing so:-

  • Process the data securely
  • Update the information regularly and accurately
  • Such data collected is limited to the needs of the club
  • Is used only for the purpose for which it was collected
  • For marketing only if the individual has given the club consent to do so.

All data held by the Club may be shared with other club coaches and officials and with athletic bodies such as UKA and for competition entry into events.

By agreement with the members the data can be used for marketing purposes, both internally, and externally. Consent must be given my each member to their receiving any marketing information and the means of so doing.

All data stored, in whatever form, should only be held for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. Old membership information will be deleted or destroyed after a period of three years.