Steyning Athletic Club – Cycling & Cake (aka SAC CAC)

Recommended cafes

To encourage sensible (we all need to eat cake sometime) and social (we all need to chat occasionally too) riding, we’ve asked members to recommend some cafes various distances from Steyning so that we can create the SAC CAC Cafes map.

If you have any feedback on the cafes shown or would like to add some notes (e.g. limited indoor seating so best for summer use) please do email us and we’ll get the map updated.

Cycle safely and have fun 🙂

Recommended rides

In addition, we aim to build a library of ‘Recommended rides’ that you can use if you are new to the area.  These rides are designed to stay on the country lanes as much as possible and also to include at least one cafe option!

The one that follows the river to the sea and back – 25km/15.5miles

Take in the Hummingbird Cafe at Shoreham airport and/or the Pollinator Cafe at Shoreham Old Fort

To download a .gpx or .fit file or to add the route to your Garmin, click here.

The one with fishermen and shepherds huts – 58km/36miles

There’s a choice of the Sumner Ponds Cafe at Barnes Green or Southwater Cafe on this route.

There’s also the opportunity to take some short cuts, e.g. cutting out the Southwater loop and also cutting straight down from Maplehurst rather than taking the left and immediate right down Park Lane.

To download a .gpx or .fit file or to add the route to your Garmin, click here.

The one with the long straight Strava segment – 56km/35miles

Takes in Kinsbrook Vineyard cafe.  Also allows for a couple of shortcuts, one by turning right in Nutbourne to avoid the North Heath loop and the other to turn right up Sincox Lane towards Broomer’s Corner to avoid the Brooks Green loop.

It includes a great Strava segment along the Coolham Road where riding in an organised peloton really pays off 😉

To download a .gpx or .fit file or add the route to your Garmin, click here.