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Log in below to renew or update your membership details. If you are signed in but now want to sign in as another user e.g. partner or child, please click the Sign out button first and sign in again with the new user details.


Problems logging in?

Account issues

  1. Your registered email is the one in which you receive regular club communications.
  2. If you have lost your password, please use the “Request Password” link above.
  3. Families: The MembershipWorks system uses the same parental email address for all the Juniors/Inters connected to that parent.  The thing that identifies each child’s account is the password.  The adult parent and each of any children will each have a unique password.
    If a parent accidentally logs into their own personal adult account and tries to register/enter a Juniors/Inters only event or ticket, it will show as ’No tickets available’ as only Junior members can enter.
    To solve this, the parent needs to go to the Sign in/Sign out page on the website (under ‘Members’) and hit the Sign out button above their details.
    Once signed out, they can then Sign in again using their email address but they need to choose/use the unique password that they have set up for their child/each of their children as each child has their own account.  If they have forgotten the password, then hit the Request Password button below the sign in section.
    The MembershipWorks system does many things really well and saves the committee lots of effort but we appreciate that this family bit is one of the anomalies so please bear with us on this!  Thank you.

Browser issues

  1. We have had reports of users experiencing problems with some browsers, this site is fully web compliant, and as such we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox
  2. Still, can’t log in? If you have multiple club memberships, for example, you and your kids, some browsers can struggle to switch from members log in to another. Make sure to use the “Sign Out”  link which is at the top of the member’s page before changing membership.
  3. No luck? You may need to clear your browsers Cache (history etc.), some browsers try and keep you logged in, here is a link to a tutorial for most major browsers: How To Clear Your Browser Cache. Please Note – clearing your web browser’s cache, cookies, and history may remove some data that you wish to keep.
  4. If all else fails please Contact Us.
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