W Sussex Fun Run League – PLEASE READ

Daniel Pressley
January03/ 2012

Dear All


What a fantastic event yesterday! Great course, lovely sunshine; and a really good turn out for Steyning. We had 24 runners in total (thanks to Lydia and Andy Smith entering on the day). Just one shy of the magic 25. Let’s make sure we get 25 for the Lido race.


Anyway, I think all will agree, that there was a really great ‘buzz’ around the Steyning Runners yesterday! The results still aren’t in yet (look out for the results via the WSFRL website) – but we will have got 24 out of 25 points for participation, and I think (I hope!) we will have got pretty darn close to the maximum 60 points for placings.


We had a really strong turn-out yesterday, with a lot of quicks! Gary, Shane, Simon T, Lee, Tom, Adrian S, Ruth (sorry if I missed anyone!). Not to mention our newest runner Ewan. Welcome Ewan! It’s great to have you along. You put in a really strong performance yesterday!…. It was also great to see some relatively new runners representing the club – thank you Lisa and Jonathan.


So, last year we came 7th in the league, I think…… Well, we were 7th after 16 of the 18 races – the results for the final two races still actually haven’t been calculated in yet, so it is possible that we came 6th…….. Anyway – 7th or 6th – it is a big drop from our 3rd in 2010….. And of course, we won it four years on the bounce before this (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)!


So, I think we should be aiming top 3 again this year, and I think that this should be achievable. But, it won’t be easy, and this is why I am issuing this call to arms…… Who knows, if Worthing Harriers drop off the pace a bit, we could even win it!


For those who don’t know how the scoring system works – we can score a maximum of 25 participation points for getting out 25 runners or more. So every entrant counts. Even if you are not that quick, you will be scoring a point for the club by running! So please do as many races as you can (just £2 per race).


On top of this, we can score a maximum 60 points per race for placings (making a maximum of 85 points possible for each race)….. Now, until this year, the top 20 men scored 10 points each, and the top 10 women scored 10 points each. Up to a maximum of 60 points per club….. (Only runners running for WSFRL clubs can score the points by the way)……After the 10-point runners came another swathe of 9 point runners, then 8 point runners and so on and so forth.


This year – after some debate at the WSFRL committee meetings – the scoring system is changing to make it fairer. The vote for this was unanimous finally, and I do believe that it is indeed fairer….. Anyway, the participation points system remains the same. But then – with regards to the placings points system – from now on, the top 10% of men and the top 10% of women (from the clubs) score 10 points. And then the next 10% of men and the next 10% of women then score 9 points, then 8 points, and so on and so forth……. Interestingly, this system changed the rankings very little last year and in 2010 (where the league statistican did comparison tables with both systems)  – I think the top 5 were exactly the same, and there were a few minor differences after that….. But it does seem to be fairer and more representative generally under the new system starting this year.


But the message to get across is that we need to get out as many faster runners (8 and 9 and 10 point runners, male and female) every race! So – you faster runners out there – please try and support the leauge as much as you can….. For the more experienced runners who won us the league between 2006 and 2009 – it would be great to see you out representing the club as many times as you are able……. To the newer faster runners – please try to come along to as many races as you can!


Also, if we have 25-30 + runners every race,  it makes for a fantastic atmospere, with us all encouraing and supporting each other. It really was a great atmosphere yesterday – so let’s try to keep this going.


So – who is up for the Lido?! Sunday 29th January at 10.30 from the Worthing Lido. 4 flat miles along the seafront. I personally love this race (hmm, maybe it’s to do with having no hills?)…… So, please do let me know by the evening of 25th January if you want to run….. So far we have me, Lee, Dave T, Graham Parsons and Ewan. So only another 20 minimum to go!


Let’s go for it this year, and make Steyning proud!


Hapy running, Daniel

Daniel Pressley

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