Volunteers needed

Daniel Pressley
March01/ 2013

Dear Runners


Due to family commitments, I will only be able to run a minority of the ‘West Sussex Fun Run League’ races this season. I will still do the entries – but we need some volunteers to go a bit early to collect and sort out the numbers on the day of the race.


Last season, when I couldn’t make it, Ross or Mike Miller kindly deputised for me. They have both kindly volunteered to do this again this season for races that they are going to. But there will be races that they can’t do – so I’m looking for two, or three, or four people, who know that they will be doing some races, to volunteer to also do this.


You only have to go about 30-40 mintues before, take the cheque, pick up the numbers and distribute them (you may also need to make some late changes if someone drops out and someone else wants the number). It’s not a big deal.


If anyone would be prepared to do this for some races please do let me know.




Happy running,


Daniel Pressley
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