Triathlon / Duathlon Suits – need names now…

June03/ 2011

As you know I am trying to look into the possibility to get a Steyning AC Tri Kit and now need names of who are genuinely interested.

I believe I have found a suitable supplier (called Custom Performance Kit – I did not go for the big brands as it costs too much for the relatively small qty min order we can place). It is a Unisex one and for women they will add the neccesary bra support. Of course the colour will be dark in the “naughty” areas for both sexes…. It is designed for Sprint and Olympic distance races (no rear pockets), no collar (as correctly recommended by Moyra). The cost will be £65ea (which is not bad for a Tri suit). The material WILL be suitable for pool swims – as some samples I received were not the correct material as kindly pointed out by Joan. For those interested, this is the material supplier manufacturer which are based in Italy (but suit will be made in France);

Once a design is agreed, lead time will be 5 weeks. Deposit of 50% is required upon ordering and balance is needed upon delivery (cant wait to chase people for the people for the money ha…).

I need 10 firm names in order to proceed. So far I have received verbal interest from the following people (9 people);

Simon Turk,

Mark Tyler,

Adrian Brown,

Moyra Amess,

Steve Clough Young,

Gary Brind,

John Burgess,

Liz Claridge,

Peter Lane,

Please email me at if you are interested EVEN if your names are listed above. Plus also if you know of people that do not check their email / web much, can you also ask them if they are interested, only I don’t want to order them then 5 weeks later get told by someone “oh sorry I did not check my emails bla bla…). No money is required at this point and I will advise by 30th June if we have enough numbers, plus keep you updated on the design (but I will not look into the artwork until I get the numbers).




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