Sunday sea swims – did you miss it ?

Lawrence Naested
October27/ 2017

After Storm Brian rearranged the beach and the Portugese tourists have gone, it’s back to normal’ish… except all the swim bouys are in the wrong place.

BST is over, GMT regime now – meet at 3pm Widewater Hut 108, extra layers in and out of the water required, it will be chilly out of the water and hovering around 15 degrees in the water, near low tide, some chop expected, strong offshore breeze. Wetsuits highly recommended.  Bring lots of layers and warm drinks for afterwards.

This is not a club session, you swim at your own risk, there is no lifeguard or safety cover.  However if you want help, have questions or some ideas just let us know.



Lawrence Naested
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