Sunday sea swim rough and sandy

Lawrence Naested
July22/ 2017

It’s looking as if it will be rough this Sunday – waves predicted over 1 metre, but it will be close to low tide (6pm), so should be some sand.  So more of a play swim than a hard training swim possible.

We will be there anyway, so feel free to come along if you want to.

Water is still comfortable around 19 degrees.

However recent conditions have introduced some Jellies !  Compass Jellyfish made an appearance on Tuesday morning and stayed around until Thursday.  They don’t like rough weather though and were not seen on Friday.  They do sting, but often swim well below the surface.  Unlikely to see any on Sunday when rough, but something to be aware of now.  We need more turtles !  (they eat Jellies).

Remember you swim at your own risk, this is not a club organised event, assess the conditions and your proficiency before you get in.  There is no safety cover.

Any more information needed contact:


Lawrence Naested
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