Sunday sea swim, is on Monday this week

Lawrence Naested
August26/ 2018

Just in case you are not following our Closed Facebook page for Steyning Athletic Club, this Sunday’s sea swim will not take place today, but will happen Bank Holiday Monday instead at normal meeting time of 4:30pm.  Meet at Widewater hut 108.

We still continue our swims every Sunday meeting at 4:30pm right into the autumn time.  If there are any changes (usually due to rough weather like today) then these will be updated on our Closed Group facebook page.

If you are not yet signed up to the Closed Facebook page I would encourage you to do so.  Just go onto Facebook and search for Steyning Athletic Club Closed Facebook page. Then answer the three questions on the page and will we get you signed up if we know who you are.  The closed facebook page is used so we can marshall the content appropriately, that way you get less spam, or videos of cats playing the piano.  We are continuing to look at the content of our web page also, however its still under construction at this time.


Lawrence Naested
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