Summer Series Event 2 – Mini Tri Sat 9th April

April03/ 2016

All are welcome to ‘have a go’ at this sprint distance triathlon. We will start at 09:00, so please arrive by 08:30, to allow time for setting up your transition space (and for us to allocate swimmers to swim ‘waves’). Give your bike a quick safety check before the day (brakes, tyres, wheel nuts etc). If you want to compete as a team, that is ok as well.

The Swim – 400m (16 lengths)

  • Athletes will be allocated to swim waves, up to 8 swimmers per wave.
  • Keep to ‘your side’ of the lane.
  • You will be told when you have 2 lengths to go.
  • Your time will be recorded and used as your current 400m time trial time.
  • On finishing the swim, exit the pool by the door adjacent to the showers. Transition (T1) will be directly outside.

The Bike – 11.52 miles

  • Helmets must be worn, and in place before moving your bike.
  • Run with your bike around the end of the Leisure Centre to the mount point (marshalled).
  • Mount, and exit the Leisure centre by turning right (with care) (marshalled).
  • Cycle north along Horsham Road to the Steyning Bypass, turn left, and proceed to Washington roundabout (great care on the roundabout). Go right round the roundabout, and retrace your route. Continue to Bramber roundabout, right round this, and back up the Steyning bypass to turn left onto Horsham Road, and back to the Leisure Centre. Dismount at the dismount line, and run with your bike back to Transition (T2). Please keep to the road to avoid possible collisions with runners coming in the opposite direction.




The Run – 1.86 miles

  • This will be 3 laps.
  • From Transition, run round the end of the Leisure centre (keep to the pavement), and follow the pavement around the perimeter of the car park. Continue, and turn left onto Coxham Lane. At the end of Coxham Lane turn left towards the school, and run through the school grounds, and along the road to the tennis courts. Run anti-clockwise round the tennis courts to complete lap 1. Repeat this for lap 2, and lap 3. At the end of lap 3, turn left to the finish in transition.


Any questions – contact Jon Brook.


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