Steyning AC Foreign Branch storms Santa Pola again!

February01/ 2017

On Sunday the 22nd of January seven members of Steyning AC ran Santa Pola Half Marathon in Spain. Most of the members were out in Spain a couple days a head of race day and we had brought the British weather with us. It rained so hard a lot of the roads the we were due to run on were flooding, let alone that surrounding town and villages had snow which they haven’t seen in 53 years! Thankfully the snow didn’t hit Santa Pola and by the time Sunday came round the course had mostly dried up.

It was good running conditions as it wasn’t to hot around 14 to 15 degrees, as usual the race was started by fireworks and the music was pumping. Around the course they had the different bands which were great as they spur you on. The race is well supported by the locals who all enjoy coming out and cheering everyone on.

The field of runners were Tom Hallett, Joan Lennon, Jon Brook, Andrea Bukta, Graham Parsons, Tracey O’Brien and Lydia Jordan plus some family and friends….Penny Brook, Michael Jordan, Dobs O’Brien and Stephen O’Donnell. Many of the runners were either coming back from injury’s or running with a injury, ankles and hamstrings were the main culprits. Nearly everyone in the group got round the course some in a very quick time. Due to injury that happened a few weeks before the race Stephen had to pull out of the race around 14km but he was pleased with the first 10km as that was the fastest he had ran it in the last 12 months.

The results are as follows…. Tom 1:24:56, Penny 1:32:23, Joan 1:42:05, Andrea 1:49:14, Lydia 1:55:36, Graham 1:57:14, Jon 1:58:17, Tracey and Dobs 2:00:34 and Michael 2:58:54.

As you can see some great times posted by the runners and I think there were a couple of PBs for some. Once again Joan had won a prize in her age group and went one better than last year and came 1st. At the time we didn’t know this until Joan was back home but luckily I was still out there and we managed to collect her cup and brought it home safely. Another mention even though not a Steyning member was my Dad, Michael at the age of 68 never having run a 5km or 10km race before completed his first half marathon and he is even thinking about doing it again next year!

It’s the fourth year I have run this race and it still puts a smile on my face since the first time, I haven’t yet been to another race with the same atmosphere this produces let alone the goodie bag and race fee. This year its was 18 Euros and once again you received a drawstring bag, technical t-shirt, towel, medal, a bag of salt, oranges, cakes, chewy bars, water, soft drinks and Estrella beer on tap. Also we had a restaurant called La Volta owned by David booked out for after the race for a well deserved meal. Everyone enjoyed it so much last year we booked again and David made sure he didn’t run out of Brandy this year! He was also very pleased with Joan’s win as I had to take the cup round to show him. It’s great feeling sharing this experience with family and friends which makes the whole weekend. Thanks everyone and well done 😊!

Lydia Jordan

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