simon james
March06/ 2013

Saturday 1st June will see the 2013 running of the Southdowns Relay.  This is an annual event SAC has participated in for many years.  In recent years we have won the the Ladies category (2008), B team category (2006), A team category (2007) and also the overall team title (2009).

It’s a tough day but great fun and immensely rewarding, quite different from the usual running races, where you run for yourself.  The day is long and usually hot and after hours in a minibus, when not running, you know your team members better than at the start.  I ran it for 10 years and and others in the club have done the same but we need fresh younger runners to take up the baton.

For those who are new to the event, each team requires six runners, who each run three legs of between 4 and 8 miles in length, almost all with some climb and descent.  The teams run 95 miles of the Southdowns Way between Beachy Head and Chilcomb near Winchester.

Please let me know  by Monday 18th March at the latest if you want to run in a SAC team.  If you’ve not run it before and would like more information before committing please contact me.  Also let me know if you are prepared to captain a team.

It’s a great event and experience, let’s make sure SAC participate in 2013.

Simon James

What a handsome group


Overall winning team 2009 at Beachy Head

They did well too! A courting courting couple we came across

Winning Ladies team 2008                                                  An example of relay togertherness

simon james
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