Shoes Needed !

September12/ 2016

As some of you may know I have been working providing aid for refugees who
have arrived in Lesvos after crossing the sea from Turkey as they are escaping
the conflict in Syria, along with many arrivals from Afghanistan and Palestine
who are also escaping violence.  On top of that, there are arrivals from North
Africa made up of people who are escaping extreme hunger and poverty. As a
result the camps are bursting at the seams and low on resources. All of these
people have been through a desperate time .

I was working for the NGO “Eurorelief” which provides clothing, food and
shelter for the refugees.

Lots of the people arriving have lost their shoes during the crossing, along
with many other things. I was told by 14 year old Afghan boy “The crossing was
really scary – people were so scared we would sink they started throwing their
belongings over board”. It is because of this there is a massive shortage of
shoes and clothing but especially shoes.

What I am asking you to do is hand over any old/used running shoes or if you
are thinking of treating yourself to a new pair please consider donating your
old ones to this worthy cause!

There will be a collection box in the clubhouse until the end of September.

There is little to do in the camps and many of them remain for several months
while papers are being sorted. Boredom is a big problem. The nearest town is
8km away over rough dirt road. I spent time organising games such as football
and volleyball, and trainers are particularly useful for you men and boys in

I am planning to return to Lesvos in October, and will undertake to transport
the shoes to Eurorelief’s clothing distribution team.
If anybody would like to contribute a little towards the cost of the extra
baggage, that would be gratefully appreciated as well.

Benedict Aiton





Full time photographer who started running :) Qualified UKA Running Coach

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