Sharing Lifts to the WSFRL races?

Daniel Pressley
December19/ 2012

Dear WSFRL runners


Sometimes people contact me to ask if they can get a lift with someone to a WSFRL race.


I know quite a lot of you lift-share already. That’s great for obvious reasons (good fun, saves money, reduces carbon footprint etc).


As I sometimes struggle to advise people who ask me – as I do not really know who is able and happy to give lifts – I thought it might be agood to get together a “lift-share list”.


So if you are interested in sharing a car, giving someone else a lift, of if you don’t drive and need lifts – and if you want to join this list – please email me (and include contact numbers). Then, presuming you are happy with this, I can get this email contact list together and then email it to everybody on the list. Then, if you need a lift or want to offer a lift or want to car-share, you can email everbody in good time, and see what comes from it.


I am happy to maintain and share this list, so just email me if you are interested, and want your details to be shared with others who want to be on the list.




Happy running,


Daniel Pressley
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