Sea swim Sunday’s continue – meet at 4:30pm

Lawrence Naested
June02/ 2017

It’s officially now warm in the sea!  OK, what we mean is that it is now above 15 degrees, hovering somewhere between 16 and 17 degrees at the moment, so OK for those acclimatised without a wetsuit and very comfortable for those with.

We meet at 4:30pm at Widewater hut 108, ready for a 4:45pm swim.  Will be cloudy, 2 hours after low tide.  Slight chop expected.

Bring bright coloured swim hat, warm drink for afterwards.  You are responsible for your own safety and well being, this is a club gathering, not an official club event.

A few of you are getting ready for upcoming open water events, ask if you need any help, support or have questions, happy to help.

See you there…


Lawrence Naested
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