Sea Swim Sunday & 2 Minute Beach Clean

Lawrence Naested
June10/ 2017

I am sure you already know, but this Sunday is 2 minute beach clean day !

So, we will swim as usual, meeting at 4:30pm for 4:45pm start at Widewater hut 108.  Afterwards, we will do a quick beach clean and see if we can improve the place (we will supply the bags, please bring gloves!).

Sea is a little cooler than last week around 15.5 degrees, but still very comfortable with a wetsuit and tolerable without.  It will likely be choppy and windy, about half way to low tide.  Bring bright coloured hat (pink or orange) and warm drink for afterwards.

You are responsible for your own safety, this a club gatherings, not a club event, there is no safety cover (this goes for the beach clean too).  That being said, plenty of advice and assistance on hand, so just ask.

e-mail for more info if needed.



Lawrence Naested
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