Daniel Pressley
March01/ 2013

Dear All


The club has a number of SAC flags. We need to locate them all to use them for the Stinger on Sunday.


I did have one of these flags last season (which Jeff Claridge loaned me) – to use for the WSFRL races (not that I ever got organised enough to actually put it up!!).


Anyway, someone asked me to borrow it, and I lent this flag to someone towards the end of last season – but I cannot remember who! I might be mistaken, but I think I lent it to someone to use for a Cross-Country League race (maybe the X-Country race that happened on Saturday 19th October???).


Can whoever has it please email me stright away (or text/call on 07932 731538), so we can arrange to get it for Sunday…… Or if you know who borrowed it and who has it, please contact me.


Thank you,



Daniel Pressley
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