Mitja Marato Internacional Vila De Santa Pola Spain

January24/ 2014

Well I had a very different weekend to usual and went to Spain to compete in my first
half marathon.

The atmosphere was great it was like a party, beach balls being bounced about while I
lined up, music so loud you could feel your chest vibrate and fireworks which were more
like bombs to start the race!

The course was flat along the promenade and into the town, there was one small climb and a section
on the beach. There were different types of bands playing around the course which helped to keep pushing on.

I chose this race as my auntie and uncle live out there and usually the weather in quite mild in January ranging from
16-20 degrees but what happened I took the British weather with me and it tipped it down for the entire race.
They have lived there for nearly thirteen years and it’s never rained on half marathon day before! My trainers
have only just dried off!

The race cost 13 euros to enter and the freebies were great….race bag, t-shirt, towel, medal, can of juice, water,
beer!! Oranges, bananas, cakes, chewy bar and a bag of salt!

I completed the course in 1hr 49mins 56secs and came 4733 out of 9300.
I would definitely recommend the race.

Lydia Jordan

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