Message to Club Members

August13/ 2015

A message from Roger Flynn :

“I was outside the Club last Thursday when I was approached by one of our Charlton Street neighbours Jim Bird.

Mr Bird has been suffering with Parkinson’s disease for the last 18 years and cannot stand still, hold his balance or walk or talk as you or I.

On Saturday 1st, despite his Parkinson’s, Mr Bird was helping one of his neighbours by doing their gardening. He didn’t say what he was doing at the time but whatever it was he was in the twitten that runs from Charlton Street down to the High Street opposite Tanyard Lane.

At some point a runner came down the twitten from the direction of the cricket field and ran straight into Mr Bird. Because of his condition Mr Bird is unable to regain his balance easily and the impact made him fall heavily into a fence and subsequently onto the ground. The runner would have known that he had collided with Mr Bird but he did not stop.

Mr Bird sustained lacerations to his arms and knee. Although he cannot describe the runner other than he was wearing a white running vest Mr Bird reported the incident to the police. However, a vague description of just a white vest was insufficient for them to follow up the complaint.

When he saw me outside the Club on Thursday, he felt it was perhaps his best chance of getting some kind of action.

I sympathised with Mr Bird, but did point out that whilst the Club colours include a white vest it could have been any runner who just happened to be wearing a white top. I believe that anyone associated with the Club would not have just carried on regardless and would have stopped. However, the incident involving Mr Bird serves as a reminder of the responsibilities that we all have to take care when out training either on foot or two wheels. We all need to be mindful that other people using the pavements, roads and paths that we are travelling along may not see or hear us approaching or like Mr Bird cannot step out of the way even if they realise that we are there.”

One thing I would like to add is that please make sure that if you are wearing headphones the music etc doesn’t distract you to the degree that you don’t notice who/what is around you and that you can still hear what is going on near you. Personally I have had to pull a runner out of the path of an ambulance during a race because he couldn’t hear it over the music through his headphones….


Full time photographer who started running :) Qualified UKA Running Coach

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