Looking good to swim outdoors…

Lawrence Naested
July15/ 2016

Sunday meet at 4pm sea swim Widewater hut 108, will be nearly flat, near low tide and sunny !

Monday, meet at 6pm, Southwater lake swim, spotter or buddy required.  Wetsuits mandatory.

Additional informal sea swims Monday and Tuesday morning meet at 7:20am at Widewater hut 108.  Should be flat and near low tide.  (Other morning swims may take place later in the week too, e-mail Lawrence for more details if interested).  The sea is around 16 degrees at the moment, so still fresh, wetsuits recommended.

All swims are informal, not club organised, there is no safety cover, you are responsible for your safety and well being.  Always look at conditions and know your limits before you start, ensure you have warm clothing and drinks for afterwards.   Stay Safe, do not swim alone.

lawrencenaested@hotmail.com if questions

PS – Saturday & Wednesday pool swims continue as normal

Lawrence Naested
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