Help the Stormers

June25/ 2012

Great news!!!!  Steyning Stormers is now on a Tuesday freeing up even more of you to help out.  The sessions start at 7pm and we are in the fortunate position of being over-subscribed.  Liz and the team have done an outstanding job coaching the juniors which is demonstrated in their fantastic performances in the WSFRL.  However, more help is needed in order to break up the groups in terms of age and ability to really get the best out of them.

As you may recall I sent out an email last year and had some great……mediocre…… ok …. limited response.  After an initial flourish the ball was dropped, by me, and so now I would appreciate any volunteers coming responding and I will draw up a rota. 

Those of you whose children have been to the Stormers will I’m sure appreciate what a great resource it is and so feel duty bound to email me back in the blink of an eye!  For the rest of you it’s probably best to email me rather than wait until I start badgering you.

Help is needed and assuming enough of you respond you won’t be called upon many times a year.  So go on don’t delay and take the opportunity to bask in the reflected glory of the Stormers when they challenge for the League title this year.




Ross Wellby


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