Help for the Stormers

May11/ 2011

Dear all, 

as you know we are lucky enough to have a very committed, and let’s be frank patient, group of hardy souls who willingly put their sanity and ear drums on the line to train the Stormers with Liz  on Thursday evenings.

A while ago we had a list of those people who were willing to help out but no one really knew when and if they were needed.  To make sure we have cover I am going to try and run a rota for those willing to help out.

Please can you email me if you are willing to help one Thursday every few months.  By being there the Stormers are able to go farther afield and work in smaller groups so it really is worthwhile.  I’m sure all of us with kids that have attended  can appreciate the massive positive impact these sessions have on the children.

I await the deluge!



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