Daniel Pressley
October20/ 2012
Dear All
  I know that this is very very very late in the day – but I hadn’t realised just how close the battle is for third! We are in third place – but only one point. One point…… See email below and attachment.
  I think that we will lose third place tommorrow unless we get some more runners!….. It would be great to achieve our season’s goal of a top-3 finish.
  We did have only 15 runners for tommorrow – we are now down to only 12 (!) as 3 people have dropped out ill/injured this weekend….. We have very few fast runners tommorow; we really do need a few quicks to bring in some high-scoring points
  Please consider pitching up if you get this email in time. Such a local race – to walk to, run to, cycle to, or drive to (but beware the roadworks on the a27, so it may take a little longer????).
  11am tommorow! Lancing Leisure Centre.
   It’s a nice 5 mile hilly off-road race….. Go for it!
  You may have to enter on the day – costs just a few quid more – but I do have 3 spares (first come first served). So come in good time tommorrow please.
   Happy running,
Daniel Pressley
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