Four Go Wild (Swimming) in Sussex

Lawrence Naested
July11/ 2012

Four Steyning AC swimmers featured in four separate open water events over the last two weekends  – a clutch of great results and a good test of local events that will be great for others to try out next year.

The highlight of the schedule was Paul Maggs fantastic heroic 10k Olympic Distance swim.  Swum under FINA rules with NO westuit Paul triumphed to finish inside his target of 3 hours  – Well Done Paul !


Friday July 6th – 10k Olympic Distance Endurance

Paul Maggs – 2 hours  58 minutes 4 seconds – placed 9th out of 24 who started.

Paul completed 4 laps of 2.5k off Hove seafront, stopping at a floating feed station every lap, bear in mind that in one direction he was swimming against the tide 4 times.  While the winner completed the event in 2h18m, of the 24 who started, 6 did not finish.  All competitors swam without wetsuits – which is a long time in cold water.

Saturday July 7th – 3k swim (cut shorter due to sea conditions to around 2k’ish)


Lawrence Naested 39:07 7th
Brian Mason 44:31 19th
Sarah Cotton 49:00 31st

Originally planned as an out and back course turning at the end of the derelict West Pier in Brighton, the event was shortened and made into 2 laps against a strong tide in heavy seas.  There were 100 starters and 89 finishers.    All 3 of us wore a wetsuit.

In fact Sarah found the seas so heavy she nearly lost her timing chip from her ankle, tried to give it to a canoeist, tried it round her arm and then ended up stuffing it down her wetsuit !   Sarah would have overtaken Brian easily if it was not for the equipment malfunction (did I say that right Sarah ?).

Sunday July 8th – 1k swim

Lawrence Naested 16:15 6th

With better sea conditions on the Sunday, this was a fast swim with the tide from Hove Lawns, round the end of the West Pier and straight into the beach.  It was so nice I completed it without a wetsuit.

Saturday June 30th Marine Conservation Society – Eastbourne 3k swim 

Lawrence Naested 16:52 1st

Another local swim. This is the first time this event has been run, but will certainly happen again.  Organised by SwimTrek but on behalf of the Marine Conservation Society (important one if you swim in the sea !).

Unfortunately this event was also hit by the weather so although there was supposed to be a 1k and then a 3k swim, the 3k swim was cancelled and all swimmers completed the 1k swim.  Fortunately Eastbourne beach is sheltered from the westerlies a little by Beachy Head, however it was still a little bumpy with a tide.  The course ended up being 2 laps of a 500m course (approximately).    There were 53 swimmers started and 3 dropouts after the first lap.  I was a wimp and wore a wetsuit for this one, which certainly helped the placing.


Next Event

Next open water swimming event is the Raw Energy Pursuits 2.5k Adur Swim on Sunday July 22nd – places still available for the first running of this event  (free wash for all swimmers entered)

Lawrence Naested

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