Entries for the Roundhill Romp (and Wivlesfield)

Daniel Pressley
June09/ 2011

Dear All

Well done to all those who ran Hove Park. 5k of wonderful hell!

Quite a few people have asked me about entries for the Romp. As per the last few years, this will be down for individuals to enter themselves. The reason we do not do block entries for the Romp is to encourage people to think about whether they might help rather than run. A post has just gone out about how you can help SAC put on this fantastic event this year, so please sign up! There are lots of jobs that need doing and it is great fun to get involved in this side of things.

Of course, if you have helped rather than ran the Romp over recent years or are really psyched up to run, then entry forms are avilable on the website or from the Clubhouse. Please bear in mind that you can also run AND help if you want to do both! There will be jobs that need doing on the days before the Romp, or immediately before and after the race.

The next race after the Romp is the Wivlesfield Wobble on Sunday 10th July at 11am. I need to do our block entry by 11am on Sunday 3rd July – so please email me by then if you want to race.

Thanks, Daniel

Daniel Pressley

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