Committee Structure and Officer Roles

Martin Hesketh
October20/ 2010


Dear all, as some of you will be aware, there have been discussions about some proposed changes that we believe are absolutely necessary to ensure the club continues to thrive and becomes even more successful in future.

On behalf of the committee, I have pleasure in inviting you to read about these important proposals below. When you have had a chance to read and digest the proposals you may want to ask questions, make a comment in support or raise any issues or concerns. If so, please contact by the end of Sunday 31 October 2010. All comments will be responded to and will also be discussed at the 3 November committee meeting.

It is important to note that these proposals have to be agreed by you the membership at an AGM as they would require changes to the club constitution. Therefore, following the 3 November committee meeting, the final proposal will be tabled as the first item at the AGM on Monday 22 November at 7.30pm so please keep that date free in your diaries and make every effort to attend. If you are unable to attend in person but want to ensure your vote is included, please contact

We look forward to your views very much……….Martin Hesketh

Martin Hesketh
  • Mark T
    9 years ago

    A simple committee structure that can communicate easily with each other and the members is important.

    A quarterly meeting for those that do not need to be at committee each month could well encourage more members from the club to be on the committee.

    Gets my vote.

  • Moyra Amess
    9 years ago

    From my limitied knowledge of the club structure and its committee, I believe the proposed structure will be emminently more sensible and I support it. The only addition I would propose is the need for swimming to have a separate support team like running or walking. There are a group of members who mainly swim and there are races and galas which are organised and well attended which should be shared with the rest of the club and thus represented. I think there is enough within both sections to warrant separate support teams which of course should communicate.

  • Liz Claridge
    9 years ago

    Is swimming not part of the multisport section?

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