Club Team Challenge Relay

August05/ 2014

Sunday saw 3 teams from SAC take part in the Hedgehog Tri Club Team Challenge Relay at Newplace Park near Uckfield.

Teams of 4 were made up of 2 female and 2 male members. The event was great fun with relatively small fields. Only 5 teams made up the Challenge Relay but with other races taking places at the same time the short course event had a great atmosphere.

With the sun shining the venue looked stunning and the warm lake meant wetsuits were optional for the 300m swim. The undulating 10.5km cycle course was on quiet roads and the 2 lap 3km run meandered through the grounds of the Park.

The ‘top’ SAC team of Lydia Jordan, Simon Marsden, Moyra Amess and Simon Turk managed to pick up the win, beating strong teams from Mid Sussex Tri CLub and Tonbridge Tri Club.

The SAC team of Joan Lennon, Jon Brook, Elaine Scott and Mark Tyler scrambled to fourth and Alison Brown, Graham Parsons, Juliet Starbuck and Adrian Brown soirée’d to fifth.

A new first for an SAC ‘triathlon transition quirk’ was needed for our second team. Due to forgotten equipment the removal and refitting of bike pedals was required between the 2 make participants. Luckily they had the time the third member of the team was out to complete the procedure. Slick.

  Swim Bike Run Total Time
Lydia 00:05:13 00:24:51 00:19:28 00:49:32
Simon M 00:05:32 00:22:39 00:17:41 00:45:52
Moyra 00:05:58 00:22:44 00:17:58 00:46:40
Simon T 00:05:36 00:20:47 00:13:42 00:40:05
Joan 00:06:39 00:23:47 00:18:25 00:48:51
Jon 00:06:09 00:23:53 00:18:24 00:48:26
Elaine 00:07:13 00:24:45 00:23:24 00:55:22
Mark 00:06:31 00:20:36 00:15:52 00:42:59
Alison 00:06:54 00:24:35 00:23:12 00:54:41
Graham 00:06:13 00:23:21 00:19:42 00:49:16
Juliet 00:07:04 00:23:07 00:17:58 00:48:09
Adrian 00:07:05 00:22:52 00:16:07 00:46:04


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