Club Award Winners !

February22/ 2015

Here is the list of award winners announced at the Awards Dinner !

Most inspiring performance – Sarah Cotton
Most inspiring performer – George Vargas

Race Walking
Most inspiring performance – Ian Richards
Most inspiring performer – Ian Richards

Most inspiring performer – Judy Batchelor
Most inspiring performance – Lee Oxley
Runners’ Handicap – Lee Oxley
Most Improved Runner – Sam Langdon

Most inspiring performer – Lee (who else?) Oxley

Most inspiring performer – Mark Tyler
Most inspiring performance – Gary Brind

Club championships – Male – Simon Turk
Female – Moyra. Amess

Club awards
Best overall performance – Ironman Frankfurt Team
Coach of the Year – Lisa Beaney
Club member of the Year – Richard Coatsworth


Full time photographer who started running :) Qualified UKA Running Coach

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