Club Activity Survey – Thank You !

Lawrence Naested
July15/ 2016

Thank you to all those that provided their feedback to the recent survey of club members.  We received over 40 responses and many of you provided thoughtful comments and ideas with your responses.  It was great to receive this feedback and it really helps us target and structure our club efforts accordingly.

The coaches from each of our activity areas have already met and reviewed the responses we have received and considered how best to discuss each area.  While the coaches continue to more fully determine next steps and coordinate with the club committee and activity captains, there are certainly some immediate items that we will action:

  1. Specific event or discipline advice – If you have a specific event coming up, want to consider what events are out there, or want some advice on how to approach a particular aspect of an activity, please mention this at any of our regular training sessions to one of the coaches.  The more we know about what you have planned or what help you need, the better chance we can work out how to accommodate this, or to provide suggestions to assist you.
  2. Activity planning – many of the coaches already have well structured plans for training sessions throughout the year, however we recognise we can more formally connect the training plans across activity areas.  We are now working towards a plan for the balance of the year and will be able to reflect this across each activity area later in the summer.  Please feel free to suggest any particular aspects to the coaches at any of the upcoming training sessions.
  3. Coaching coordination – as mentioned, the activity coaches have already met to review the survey responses.  We have now agreed that we will continue to meet regularly to ensure that our efforts are coordinated and best focused to meet the club aims and objectives of all members.

The club activities, training sessions, events and committee continue to be provided by volunteers who give up their time willingly. Receiving feedback through surveys, at training sessions and through the captains and committee ensures that we use the volunteers efforts to best effect and in support of all club members.  Thank you for your support.

Lawrence Naested
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