Changes to Tuesday Nights… Starting 4th November

October28/ 2014

To make sure that we meet the UK Athletics guidelines of Coach/Leader/Runner ratio we are going to be splitting the Tuesday Night group so the 12-16 year old runners will be meeting at 6pm – 7pm and the 16+ runners will still be meeting at 7pm – 8pm. The only exceptions to this will be if a parent is running with their child in which case they can still join us at 7pm.

The teenage group will be limited to 12 people; if we exceed this number then we will have a waiting list.

I will be taking both groups with help from Holly and Mike. If anyone else is interested in becoming a running leader please let me know; you don’t have to have been running for years, have run marathons etc or be the fastest runner ! All you need is enthusiasm and to want to help other people get running 🙂


Full time photographer who started running :) Qualified UKA Running Coach

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