Brighton Half Marathon

February24/ 2015

It was great to see so many club members taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday. As far as the weather goes it couldn’t have been better. After the rain early in the week (and later that day !) the skies cleared and the sun came out.

The results are as follows :

Dan Middleton – 1:22:45
Scott Chinchen – 1:26:20 (a new PB)
Lee Oxley – 1:28:41
Dorian Woolger – 1:41:46 (a new PB)
Katie Sales – 1:43:14
Anthony Prior – 1:44:00
Jenny Mason – 2:06:02
Brian Mason – 2:06:01
Ben Aiton – 1:53:39
Louise Bond – 1:52:12 (a new PB)
Claire Room – 2:14 (a new PB)
Piers Parker – 1:41:23
Clara Price – 1:52:07 (a new PB)
Andrew Selman – 1:32

Please let me know any other results to add to this list !


Full time photographer who started running :) Qualified UKA Running Coach

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