Arun 3.8Km swim – Paul Maggs WINS Supervets race!!

June25/ 2012

(Sorry to not mention in my earlier post that Paul Maggs WON the Super Vets race, for being a young chap in the over 50’s club. Thats my fault for having to shoot off quickly after the event and not realising… Well done Paul – you must have swam straight for the first time ever !!!).

SAC had another good turnout to the River Arun 3.8Km swim, with 14 members competing. We sure got lucky with the weather, as it seemed it was the only day in weeks that it has not rained. 296 swimmers took part and the overall winner was a pro Triathlete Woman Lucy Chittenden, with a time of 47:09mins and in fact number 2 overall was also a female, so talk about girl power!

Below are SAC’s results;


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