An update from Barbara on UKA Registration

March03/ 2016

I am in regular contact with UKA over affiliation matters. The bulletin from UKA where you read about the changes to affiliation I had read thoroughly and did not feel this affected the way we run the membership of our club.

Your interpretation was different from what I believed and I have spoken to our contact at UKA membership about this a few moments ago. He confirms that there are no significant changes to my interpretation of the rules of membership.

Rules relating to permitted events are unchanged. All competitors in permit races do not have to have individual registration but registered athletes would be entitled to a small discount on entry fees in permitted races.

Athletes who take part in International, National and Area Championships MUST have UKA membership. There may be some run Britain events that will state if their particular race is for permitted members only. This year UKA will be policing this in a much stronger way than previously. Some athletes have not been registering annually but still use their ID number to register for an event and claim a discount – this is where spot checks are being applied.

Please would send out an email to let members know that it is not necessary to have individual membership unless they are doing the above mentioned events.



Full time photographer who started running :) Qualified UKA Running Coach

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