AAAAAAHHH! Wivlesfield Wobble (this sunday)!

Daniel Pressley
July03/ 2012

Dear All


Apologies folks. Took my eye of the ball! Focuing on the Romp; forgot about the Wobble! It is the Wivlesfield Wobble on Sunday at 11am (from Wivlesfield Green)……. Nice 4.5 mile off-road race. I had completely forgotten about it! Oops. (Thank you Nigel for reminding me).


Who wants to do it?! So far we only have 3 runners – so only 22 more needed!


I will try to not forget any other races this season (famous last words).


Anyway, I will need to know by Thursday evening! I look forward to a flood of emails from all you heroic runners out there.


Happy running,


Daniel Pressley

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