April29/ 2013

24hr Swim Guildford
Not much more I can add to Sarah’s blog- except it was marvellous being behind her feet for so long, she is such a strong swimmer, I really needed the draft to help me through. What amazed me was the speed people in lane 1 and our lane were able to keep up, although I did notice lane 1 did eventually quieten down a little towards the end.

I didn’t expect to get classed as “The Head Case” variety by doing it all naturally in just skin, I just forgot to pack my wetsuit!

I have to thank all my buddies as between us we had 17 people give us their time & help which is a fantastic feeling to have had so many people on our side. Big thanks to all those people, Jon, Joan, Maisie, Sylvia, Brian, Lydia, Dave, Carolyn, Ron, Linda, Nick, Jane, Rob, Brian, Lawrence, Anne. Big thanks to Lawrence for all his pre event advice _ I now know why he didn’t want to do it again. Special special thanks to my wife Bev for all her support and for not divorcing me for always stinking of chlorine.

Final comment, I loved the swimming part, that was easy – stopping and being in the cold took a bit of effort. Would recommend the event to anyone, just needs good preparation and support crew.

Paul Maggs

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