2013 WSFRL Handicap

December18/ 2012

Once again there will be a handicap competition for all SAC competitors in this year’s West Sussex Fun Run League. The rules are exactly the same as last year as follows:

1) Any Steyning AC member who has taken part in a total of five WSFRL races during 2011/2012 or 2013 will have a handicap and can score points for all subsequent events.

2) Each handicap is generated from the last five events and will be updated throughout the year.

3) Each previous event time is converted into a pace value(min/mile) and then averaged across all five events to generate each runners predicted pace/time for the next event.

4) Points are then awarded by comparing actual times with predicted times.

5) The competitor who tops the handicap for an event is awarded 1 point down to a maximum of 25.

6) The total points for a competitor at the end of the year will be the sum of their best seven scores.

7) Competitors will be ranked by the number of events entered (up to a maximum of seven) and then their points total.

8) If the number of events and total points are both equal, then the next best score(s) will be compared to determine the points table order.

Currently there are 41 competitors that have a handicap based upon the above rules. The handicap details for the first 2013 race can be found in the files below. If anyone thinks they are missing from the list then please let me know.

Have a great xmas everyone.

Handicaps(text file)

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