Weavers Down Winter Warmer Adventure Race

January22/ 2012

This was a team multi sport race, with Shane Bridgman, Simon Turk and Gary Brind representing Steyning AC (only teams of 3 can enter – no solo racers…), where you all have to stay together for the whole event.

The race was at Longmoor Army base and at the start you don’t know the race format but just knew it was a XC 10k run, up to 25km mtb and 1k kayak, then a slippery 8 foot wall at the end. 151 teams started, the format ended up being a 2.5km run, 10km mtb, 5km run, “1km” (it was shorter..) 3 person Kayak, 2.5km run, 10k mtb then to finish a tiny assault course. After the first run and bike, we climbed to 3rd overall, then were in battle with the Armys team and another team, they overtook us on the run, but we pulled them back on the bike. Going into the final leg we were the 2nd ranked male team. Just as we started the dam assault course, there was a really annoying stupid wooden plank task (did not know we had to do it until we got there), where all 3 of us had to walk in sync on 2 pieces of wood. Could we do it fast ? NO, and kept falling over like a 1 year old kid… 2 teams passed us and we eventually came in 4th male team overall.

Had to have a laugh after about this final task, that cost us a really good position, but still had a lot of fun….

PS : If Gary Priddis had not forced Simon Turk and Gary Brind to do the swimming gala during the morning on Saturday and drained our energy levels, we would have won it of course !!! ;o)


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