Sunday Sea Swims continue throughout the summer…

Lawrence Naested
June08/ 2018

We will continue our sea swims every Sunday throughout the summer, unless otherwise communicated.

Just a reminder – 10 points for success:

  1. You swim at your own risk, there is no safety cover
  2. These are not official club events, just a gathering to swim together
  3. Always check the conditions and your ability ON THE DAY and make sure the two don’t conflict adversely  (e.g. what you did the night before!, water conditions, jet skis, windsurfers, currents, tide state).
  4. If in doubt, ask for advice.  We have a LOTS of experience in the club on open water swimming and are always very willing to help guide and cajoule or support you and your plans.
  5. We MEET at 4:30pm, swims usually 5-10 mins after that. Widewater Hut 108 (£1.50 parking all day)
  6. It is a good idea to buddy-up or go with a bunch as you swim, however you can swim at your own pace and for whatever distance and time duration you want, short dips are fine, long dips (e.g. an hour’ish) are fine too.
  7. Bring the right gear to swim – you will need a costume (yes, some forget), goggles, bright coloured swim hat – ideally bright pink (we have some spare if you forget, or bring a black one by mistake).  Wetsuit if not acclimatised, or training for wetsuit swims, or you just like neoprene.
  8. Bring the right gear for afterwards – yes, warm clothing, warm drink, perhaps something to eat (we always have biscuits, sometimes more fancy food).
  9. Have fun –  chat, have a laugh, get advice, get motivated, experience the freedom of open water swimming, plan your channel swims etc…
  10. Ask if any questions – via club facebook pages, or e-mail

This information will also be loaded to Steyning Athletic Club Facebook pages…

Lawrence Naested
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