Sunday Sea Swimming is back !

Lawrence Naested
May05/ 2018


After a long winter, Sunday sea swims will recommence this weekend.  For those that don’t know the form (or need reminding):

  1. These are not formal club sessions, just an gathering of club members (and sometimes some others) to sea swim together.
  2. You are completely responsible for your safety, well being and health.  While we will look out for each other, and will happily provide advice, it is very important that you realise this is not lifeguarded, that there are inherent risks with any open water activity and that there are various challenges that could arise.
  3. Come well prepared, right kit, right mindset to study and take on the conditions, right body (e.g. no alcohol effects), right set-up post swim (lots of warm clothes, warm drink, food etc).

This weekend we will meet at Widewater Hut 108 at 4:30pm.  The sea should be flattish, and near high tide.

The water is VERY COLD still, at around 10 degrees, so wetsuits are mandatory unless you have already acclimatised in the sea this year.  (Most triathlon events would be cancelled at this temperature even with wetsuits).  Make sure you have lots of warm clothes for afterwards, get changed quickly and limit your exposure this first session.  Warm drinks and cake help too !

Any questions please e-mail


Lawrence Naested
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