Sunday sea swim cancelled…

Lawrence Naested
October14/ 2017

Unfortunately the tourists did turn up – Portugese Man-of-War (

They have been tracking along the south coast, but had not made it as far as us…  but now they have been spotted on Shoreham Beach.

While the likelihood of being stung is fairly small, as these pack a nasty sting (which can be fatal in extreme reactions), it’s probably best to stay out of the water for a while.

If anyone is interested I will be at Pells Pool in Lewes to swim at 4pm instead – outdoor pool 50 yards long, spring fed, currently 17 degrees, wetsuits are allowed.  Tomorrow is their last day of the season, so a chance to swim in the oldest freshwater pool in the UK.

(PS – if you see the PMoW on the beach, don’t touch, they still sting, and can have tentacles that stretch out over 100 metres).

Lawrence Naested
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