Sunday sea swim – 4:30pm – and Pells Pool

Lawrence Naested
May20/ 2017

11 people last Sunday, we missed you, but you missed flapjack!

Meet at Widewater hut 108 at 4:30pm for a swim from 4:45pm.  Satellite says 11.6 degree water temperature, although we say closer to 13.  But it’s still cold, wetsuits highly recommended.  Should be flatter this week, with tide half way to high and sunny.  Bring warm drink for afterwards and brightly coloured (orange or pink is best) swim hat for swim.

Remember this is not an organised club session, just a gathering of like minded loons.  You swim at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety.

Any questions just ask

Tide details here…

Also – Pells Pool in Lewes is now open – a 50 yard open water pool.  The oldest open water freshwater pool in the UK.  It’s chilly this time of year, but warmer than the sea.  They allow wetsuits in the pool, great if you want to try out the new suit, do some long swims without the salt buoyancy.  Plus they have cake and hot chocolate to buy too.



Lawrence Naested
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