Sea Swim Sundays continuing plans…

Lawrence Naested
November10/ 2017

Sea swims will continue Sunday afternoons, meeting at 3pm at Widewater hut 108.  However as the weather turns colder and the seas likely more rough, this will be the last update of the season.  (Although expect a Boxing Day and New Year dip anouncement nearer the time).

Feel free to continue to come along on Sunday’s at 3pm, however drop an e-mail to to confirm the session is still planned after this week, and also take a look at weather/surf using this link…

For this week, expect fairly flat, but cold and strong off-shore wind and sea temps in the 13-14 range.  So wetsuits highly recommended, with lots of warm clothes, hats, gloves, warm drink etc for afterwards.

Remember that these are not organised club sessions, there is no lifeguard cover, you are responsible for your own safety and well being.  Always assess the conditions and your ability and gear before you go in, do not swim alone, especially through the winter.


Lawrence Naested
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