SAC Sports Library

Martin Hesketh
April30/ 2011

Our new club structure is generating some great ideas from the activity groups. A recent idea was to ‘recycle’ any sports-related books that may be gathering dust at home and create a small ‘library’ in the club HQ so that other members can benefit from them. These should be books that will help develop members’ knowledge about training or competition in events that the club participates in.

The committee supports this idea and I have started the ball rolling by placing a few books on the windowsill directly opposite the main entrance to the club, which is the space we decided to allocate for the library. I will also place a notebook on the windowsill so that anyone taking any of the books away can make a note of who has taken it & when –  it is worth pointing out that these should be books that the donating club member(s) definitely do not want as it is likely that some may not come back!

Please can you have a think about any sports books, coaching manuals or the like that you may have laying around & just bring them up to the club to add to the library so we can grow it over time.

Thanks all…………….Martin

Martin Hesketh

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