Running at Steyning Athletic Club.

Liz Claridge
January09/ 2017

You may or may not have heard that some of Steyning AC’s running coaches have left the club to set up another running group in Steyning. The reason for this is that they would not allow juniors (12 -16 years of age) to run with them. I understand that Steyning AC is here for the whole community to join together, keep fit and compete in competitions – whatever type of sport we are into!

A number of members have contacted me to show their support for Steyning Athletic Club running section and also the inclusion of juniors into main stream running sessions.

This e-mail is to confirm that there will still be a running group meeting at Steyning Athletic Club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings  at 7pm. (Adrian Brown continues to be the lead coach on a Thursday evenings.) Both of these sessions are available to all members of the club regardless of whether they are a walker, swimmer, tri-athlete or runner.

On Tuesdays club members are invited to meet at the club and run in same ability groups – and – run, no stopping (unless you have to!), and talking is encouraged, although one word questions and answers are probably more likely from some of us!! Distances will vary between the groups, but the aim will be for each group to go in roughly the same direction and run between 3 and 8 miles.

New members will always be welcome to join the running groups and if required run / walk groups (e.g. couch to 5km) could be accommodated.

You do not have to sign up in advance – just meet us at the club on Tuesdays at 7pm.

We look forward to seeing you at the club from 10/01/17.





Liz Claridge
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