Money Required – Trisuits

April05/ 2012

Trisuits have already been ordered as you know (along with running vests). Steyning AC requires payment NOW, therefore the following people I have down as NOT paid, so can you please arrange payment in the next few days if possible ?

Mark Ansell
Simon Turk
Lee Oxley
Carol Killock
Amanda Oxley
Sue FD
Peter Lane
Brian Mason
Adrian Brown
Mark Tyler
Lisa Jones

People who have paid are;

John Brook
Chris Lee
Rob Walton
Joan Lennon
Shane Bridgman
Nigel McAllister
Mike Miller
Jon FD
Gary Brind
Graham Parsons
Richard Coatsworth

I will not be at any SAC training sessions for another 2 weeks (business / other sports stuff), so could I please ask if you post a cheque (payable to Steyning AC) to my home address. Which is 15 Canons Way Steyning BN44 3SS.



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