Doughnut day and sea swimming Sunday

Lawrence Naested
June01/ 2018

Today is national doughnut day !

Fortunately sea swimming and cakes (any sort inc. doughnuts) are natural companions.  So, to celebrate the fact, doughnuts will be available this Sunday for our regular sea swim.  Widewater hut 108 4:30pm meeting time.

Should be relatively flat, just after high tide, so a bit of a current and sunny, now in the 14 degree zone, so wetsuits still recommended (at least to start with).

Remember, you swim at your own risk, there is no safety cover, this is not a formal club event, just a gathering of like minded people (eek !)

None of the conditions are guaranteed, doughnuts are though.

Any questions e-mail, or post me via Steyning open and closed FB pages

Lawrence Naested
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